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A Governing Body has a strategic role in the development of the school but does not become involved in day-to-day management issues – that is the role of the Headteacher.

Our governors have  three main roles :

  • Critical friend  –  Providing encouragement and honest feedback.
  • Accountability –  Ensuring that the school is effectively run, and continually  improving.
  • Strategic         –  Helping the head teacher decide how the school should be run.

Governors stand  for four years and they form important links between the school, parents and  the local community.

Our Governing Body is made up of a total of ten governors.

The Governing Boday is currently supported by two Associate Members.

Governing meet as a whole governing body twice during each term.  There are two committees.

The Curriculum and Standards Committee advises the Governing body on the school’s Curriculum Policy and its statutory obligations regarding the curriculum. It also advises on standards of education in both the Early Years and also Key Stage One.

The Finance and Resources Committee advises the Governing Body on financial matters.   It establishes that the school maintains sound systems, practices and procedures to provide effective internal control. It reviews the existence and effective operation of internal controls (by placing reliance on suitable audits of those controls and/or confirming that appropriate in-house reviews or self-assessments of those controls have been undertaken – and that the appropriate action is taken in response to the results of any audit or control self-assessment).

A Safety in School Group advises the Governing Body on safeguarding and health and safety matters.  This group informs the Governing Body about checklists and audits and any appropriate actions.

Our governors are:


  • Mr Steve White                                           – Parent Govenor (Co- Chair of Governors)
  • Mrs Amrit Bal-Richards                               – Headteacher
  • Miss Tanisha Dadar                                    – Co-opted Governor
  • Vacancy                                                      – Parent Governor
  • Ms Bristi Spinage                                        – Staff Governor
  • Mr Prashanth Elangovan                            – Co-opted Governor
  • Ms Phoebe Lill                                            – LEA Governor (Co-Chair of Governors)
  • Mrs Munira Sharif                                       – Co-opted Governor
  • Mr Vish Kalsapura                                      – Co-opted Governor
  • Anjay Shah                                                 – Co-opted Governor
  • Mrs Karen Airey                                          – Clerk to Governors

Associate Members of the GB

  • Mr John Lamb

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