Mrs A Bal-Richards

Assistant Headteacher
Miss C Jones
Miss Y Patterson



  • Mrs B Spinage

Learning Support Assistants

  • Miss A Roberts  –  Early Years Practitioner
  • Mrs G Ahmed
  • Mrs J Nayara



  • Miss C Jones
  • Mrs R Pengelly and Mrs F Ravji

Learning Support Assistants

  • Mrs S Ahmed – Early Years Practitioner
  • Mrs A Makhoul
  • Mrs B Akhtar
  • Mrs O Lingeswaran
  • Mrs S Imad
  • Miss E Richards

Year 1


  • Miss B Taperell
  • Miss Y O’Connell

Learning Support Assistants

  • Mrs A Asad
  • Ms B Jones
  • Mrs F Baulk
  • Mrs P Gurung
  • Mrs N Ali

Year 2


  • Mrs Lambert
  • Miss S Howard

Learning Support Assistants

  • Mrs A Amer
  • Mrs G Barden

Parental Liaison and Support Leader (PLSL)

  • Mrs K Ashfaq

Inclusion Leaders (SENDCO)

  • Miss S Hurst

PPA and L&M Cover

  • Mrs R Peterson

School Administration

  • Miss K Arnott
  • Mrs S Overhead
  • Ms B Jones


  • Mr P Turturici

Mid-day Supervisors

  • Mrs D Walsh
  • Ms B Jones
  • Mrs D Parbhu
  • Mrs S Haseeb
  • Mrs S Parveen
  • Mrs B Akhtar
  • Mrs T Hamid
  • Mrs N Akhtar
  • Mrs R Sheikh

Hertfordshire Catering Ltd

  • Mrs P Andrews
  • Miss C Fisher

Teaching Vacancy at Chater Infant School

There are no vacancies at the moment.