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To ensure that being a buddy is something that ALL children would aspire to do. It assists with behaviour in all year groups especially in Year 2 as you can only be a buddy if you have been a good role model that week and the rest of the class and the teacher feel you are sensible, considerate and thoughtful enough to be a buddy. They need to deem it as a huge privilege and a way to be a link between staff and peers.

Buddies are chosen to take responsibility and care for their peers:-

  • Help on the playground ensure those with no-one to play with have some fun options
  • If a peer is upset or alone to look after them
  • If any fighting or problems arise they are to tell the teachers
  • A buddy is appointed to a year group and that is their main focus during play times, however they may assist any children as and when necessary
  • Collect the registers in the morning and afternoon
  • Collect and ring the bell during playtimes
  • Generally assist staff with any duties that require sensible and considerate children
  • Wear a buddy jacket on the playground so as to be easily identified

Take the fruit buckets in Play with the younger children Help children in the playground Take the registers Ring the bell and take the fruit buckets

Benefits of the buddy system

  • Behaviour of all children in class is greatly improved as their behaviour all week is key to being nominated or not
  • Positive way of noting good behaviour
  • Peer and teacher praise and acknowledgement for an individual
  • All learning to think of others begin to understand respect and care
  • Better communications between year groups
  • Good role models for Reception and year 1
  • Concept of fair voting
  • Getting them to recognise right and wrong. Noting the larger benefits if they behave with consideration for others
  • To get them to take responsibility for their actions