Chater Infant School

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Communication and Language

This area of the curriculum depends on learning and being competent in a number of key skills, together with having the confidence, opportunity and encouragement to use them. It involves giving children plenty of opportunities to talk and to be part of a rich language environment, developing their confidence and skills in expressing themselves and speaking and listening in a range of situations. Children who come to school able to express their needs and listen to others are much more likely to settle into their setting quickly. A significant emphasis is placed on supporting all children to rapidly learn how to express their needs and listen to others.

How can parents and carers help?

  • Talking to your child, in your home language, will prepare them for school more than any other activity. Talk about their day, what/who they played with etc.
  • Teach your child to be a good listener. Take turns in conversation, e.g. when you speak they listen, when they speak you listen.
  • Share family events together by looking at photographs and discussing what happened and who was there.
  • Learn nursery rhymes, songs and poems. The rhymes help your child notice the sounds in words and the tunes help them to remember the words.
  • Read to your child. Talk about the story, characters and where the story takes place.