Chater Infant School

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Personal Social and Emotional Development

This area of the curriculum aims to develop children’s ‘life skills’ by teaching them how to develop a positive sense of themselves by forming positive relationships and respect for others; build upon their social skills and learn how to manage their feelings by understanding what is appropriate behaviour and to have confidence in their own abilities.

How can parents and carers help?

  • All children flourish as a result of established routines, e.g. bed-times, family-time and dinner times. This will support them to learn about expectations, acceptable behaviour and boundaries.
  • All children need to be able to work and play together in a group. Support them to share and to behave appropriately towards others. Play games with your child so that they learn to share and take turns.
  • Teach them to tidy! Make tidy-up time a regular routine in your household.
  • Promote good manners. It is polite to say ‘please’, ‘thank you’ and ‘you’re welcome’.
  • Encourage them to help you around the house, e.g. putting away the shopping, sorting the washing, setting the table.
  • Teach your child values, such as kindness, fairness, respect, honesty, concern for others and right and wrong.
  • Make time to talk with them, listen to them.  If you are able to do this then all of the other qualities will develop naturally in everyday situations.