Physical Development

This area of the curriculum involves providing opportunities for young children to be active. They will develop their co-ordination, control, and movement in large movements, e.g. running, jumping, balancing and small movements, e.g. using scissors, writing, drawing, building. Children must also understand the importance of keeping fit and how to make healthy choices in relation to food.

How can parents and carers help?

  • All children need fresh air and exercise! Take advantage of walking to Cassiobury Park and let your child experience what nature has to offer, e.g. look at trees, leaves, conkers, cones.
  • Visit other local playgrounds and make use of the climbing equipment. Watch your child gain confidence and control.
  • Develop their hand control by letting your child paint, colour, scribble as well as draw.
  • Make some playdough (ask EYFS staff for recipe) and roll, snip, squash and pat the dough.
  • Build with construction toys, e.g. Lego, Duplo etc. You can also build with empty boxes from cereal and food packets. Use tape and glue to make a model.
  • Buy a pair of children’s scissors and let them cut and stick paper and pictures from catalogues and magazines.
  • Teach your child how to undress and then dress themselves. Teach them how to put on their coat and shoes.
  • Allow your child to help you in the kitchen. They can make their own sandwich, stir the ingredients and set the table.
  • Talk about healthy foods.
  • Sweets, cakes, chips and fast food are a treat and are not part of a healthy diet! Encourage fruit, vegetables and healthy snacks.