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Readwrite Inc Phonics and Reading


Read Write Inc. Phonics is a synthetic phonics programme that ensures early success in reading, writing and spelling. Like all phonics programmes, it teaches children the sounds in English, the letters that represent them and how to form the letters when writing. Read Write Inc. Phonics includes reading books and tricky (red words).

With Read Write Inc. Phonics we want the children to:

· reach the expected standard of the phonics screening check in Year 1

· develop reading fluency and read with comprehension

· develop co-operative behaviour and articulate their ideas and understanding

· spell and write with confidence.

The children take part in daily phonics lessons. These lessons are matched according to the child’s ability. Regular and robust assessment takes place every half term to ensure that all children are placed in the correct phonics group.

To watch a video on how to say the sounds click on the link below: How to say the sounds-

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What is Read Write Inc. Phonics-

Fred Talk

The school will introduce a toy frog called Fred. Fred can only say the sounds in words and needs help to read the word. For example, Fred will say c-a-t, and the children will say c-a-t cat. This is called Fred Talk.

For more information click the link below: Sound Blending-


The children regularly visit our school library and choose a book to take home to share with their grown-up. We also encourage all families to join the local public library to promote a love of reading.

Reading comprehension in KS1

During whole-class comprehension lessons, teachers focus on explicitly teaching the reading strategies to help children understand what it is they’re reading. The reading strategies that we focus on are:

– Prediction – asking questions.

– Using our background knowledge to connect to the text.

– To visualise when reading.

– To use inference skills – think like a detective.

– To reread the sentence if you misread.

– Watch out for ‘VIP’ words – words we may not know the meaning of.

Recommended Reads

Click the links below for a list of recommended reads.

3-4 year olds– click this link:

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6-7 year olds– click this link: