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Talk for Writing

In March 2022 Chater Infant School implemented a new approach to teaching Literacy/English called ‘Talk for Writing’. This is used from Nursery to Year 2.

Talk for Writing was developed by the author Pie Corbett. It has four phases (Invention, Imitation, Innovation and Independent Application), that all support the children to retell stories and create their own story using different styles and structures. Children explore high quality texts (stories), and draw upon their previous knowledge and skills to create their own pieces of writing. The teacher models the writing process during daily shared writing sessions and there are regular opportunities for children’s writing and ideas to be shared and displayed.

The end goal of the teaching of any writing should be to develop children into thriving independent writers, and so at the end of each ‘unit/block’ – once all of the teaching, modelling, skills and knowledge have taken place – there is an opportunity for children to produce a final, independent piece of work.

We provide a wide variety of purposes for writing and, in the Early Years, provide many opportunities for child-initiated and role-play writing.

As soon as children are able to form most letters correctly and have a good pencil grip, we teach a fluent and legible handwriting style that empowers children to write with confidence and creativity in line with our Chater Infant School Handwriting Policy. We encourage children to ‘have a go’ at writing as soon as possible and to use their phonics skills and knowledge to write phonetically plausible words.

For more information about Talk for Writing you can click on the link below: