Chater Infant School

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Children do not have to wear uniform items with the school logo on but they should all be encouraged to wear clothing in the school colours.

  • Dark grey or black trousers, shorts, skirts or pinafore dresses
  • white or gold polo shirts or shirts and blouses
  • Bottle green jumpers or cardigans
  • Green and white checked summer dresses for the girls
  • Grey, black or white socks or tights can be worn with skirts and summer dresses
  • All clothing must cover the shoulders to prevent sunburn.
  • Black school shoes – no trainers.   For children of infant school age, shoes which do up using Velcro fastenings are often more appropriate.  Shoes should be sensible ie NO high heels, open toed or slip on sandals

All children will require a PE Kit

  • Black slip on or velcro fastened plimsols
  • Black or grey shorts or jogging trousers
  • PE T Shirt in house colour.  Tigers (Red)  Giraffe  (Yellow)  Turtles  (Green)  Polar Bear (Blue)
  • This must be kept in a PE bag clearly marked with your child’s name.  You will need to bring this to school every Monday and take it home every Friday.  PE bags are available from school.

Items of uniform are available for purchase from Price & Buckland :



All children need a book bag which is also available from school.

Children in the Nursery are encouraged to  wear school uniform and will require a book bag but do not require a PE Kit.

Jewellery  –  is not allowed in school.

Summer Term  –  In the summer your child should have a sun hat to wear at playtime and have sun cream applied before they come to school.

Second-hand Uniform Scheme

We know that uniforms can be an expensive requirement for our families and, with this in mind, we want to help our school community by making good-quality second-hand uniforms easily available to everyone by introducing a second-hand uniform scheme.

Many items of uniform have a longer life beyond the point when our pupils have outgrown them and could be re-used by another pupil. As well as saving families money, reusing uniform also reduces our impact on the environment.

To make this possible we are requesting donations of second-hand items if they have been outgrown or are unwanted.

Please donate items that are:Unfortunately, we cannot accept items that are:
  • In good condition
  • Clean
  • Branded items (with the most recent school logo)
  • Non-branded items (e.g. plain polo shirts, trousers, PE t-shirts etc.)


  • Damaged beyond repair
  • Dirty / Unwashed
  • With the old School Logo

Uniform that is in the Lost Property and is unnamed and unclaimed by the end of the academic year will be considered second hand uniform.

This event will be held after each half term with definite dates being confirmed nearer the time.

With the continued rise in household costs, we hope this initiative can make a small difference by helping some of our families to access free uniforms.